Dr. Olivia Ware currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for 'Lets Talk About The Family', (LTATF), a community based operation that assists low income families with information enabling them to help themselves and broaden their scope identifying and receiving from local and state agencies.  She has had a profound impact on the lives of families within Georgia communities for many years.  Dr. Ware's drive and persistence to aid families through grant writing intervention and prevention programs has astounded local, state and nationwide leaders.  After presiding over LTATF for 30 years, she is utilizing her wealth of knowledge and experience to launch Set Free TV Network.
Set Free TV Network will contribute the same family based principles as LTATF.   Those principles being: 
1) presenting a unique approach to community based programming that focuses on reaching and educating low income families, 2) seeking to empower, enlighten, encourage and inspire the families to greater heights of unity that they otherwise would not receive from any such medium, and 3) providing community programs on a local, regional, national and international scale.  
The Elite American Executive Association honored Dr. Ware for her entrepreneurial concept of Set Free TV Network, with the Executive of the Year Award in 2014.Dr. Olivia Ware has received many such accolades over the years and since 2014 is presently serving as the President of Rockdale and Newton County Counselors of Women Voters, after having run for Mayor of Conyers, Georgia in 2017.  She has been instrumental in securing over $150 million in grant money for various social service programs between 1982 and 2016.  In 2006 Dr. Ware was honored as Business Woman of the Year by President George Bush and in 2004 she was recognized by Senator Bill First for her leadership role in Grassroots Community Organizations.  While volunteering for over 20 Years, Dr. Ware organized and chartered 'Toys for Tots' in the state of Georgia. In 2012, Dr. Ware supervised over 25 mentor groups and achieved Master Grant Writer Trainer status (GWA) and was appointed the title of Master Trainer to train the Trainers by the State of Georgia.

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